Frequently Asked Questions

When are the monthly Crew sales?

We have a members-only sale every third Thursday of the month. The discount you receive is worth paying the membership fee - 25% off Crew Sale days & 10% off all regular purchases, reels excluded.

How do I receive the discounts?

To login to and receive your discount, please use the login information emailed to you after sign up.

  • At checkout, locate "Crew Member? Login here" located directly under "Apply Coupon."

  • If you cannot find the email, simply click "Forgot your password?" and a new link will be sent to your email.

The discount will automatically generate upon login.

When shopping in the store, make sure to let us know you are a Crew Member at checkout.

What is included in a membership?

-Unlimited access to the entire library of 200+ films.

-Tackle Discounts

-Monthly Newsletter

-Monthly Crew Contest

Can I book a charter?

RJ Boyle Charters:

"Lisa B Sportfishing" and "Datsnasty", run out of Lighthouse Point, Florida. For rates and more info, check out Fishing Charters (

Additionally, we are connected with all of the best captains worldwide. Tell me where you want to go and we will get you lined up.  Nova Scotia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Australia and Costa Rica are a few of the destinations on the list. We have team captains in all of these locations.

When do new films come out?

We release a new film every week! If you have a specific request for content to be featured, let us know!

Do you accept sponsorship?

We do not accept sponsors. If a product is poor, we will let you know. We may also guide you to an alternative tackle item. We are not swayed by any sponsorship in an effort to always keep it real.

I forgot my password

In the occurrence of a forgotten password, simply click "Forgot Password?" and a reset link will be sent to your email. Please reach out to for additional support.

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